Eddy’s News

Strive is Live!

June 27th was the initial launch of Strive. We are releasing the first phase of Strive and will continue to refine, polish, and enhance the features this summer. There will be new things added to Strive in the coming months! 


  • Appraise and Workshop are still available and working as normal. ALL data that is added to Appraise and Workshop will continue to be visible in both Strive and Appraise/Workshop. 

  • If a new evaluation is created in Strive, it will be visible in Appraise.

  • If a user registers for a course in Strive, it will be visible in Workshop.

  • If a feature isn’t available yet in Strive, it is still available in either Appraise or Workshop.

  •  All historical data (past evaluations, professional development history) is still in Workshop and Appraise and will eventually migrate over to Strive. 

  •  Also, keep your roles/rights for Appraise and Workshop on for now.  They will merge to Strive roles/rights automatically. But during this transition period, keep all three sets of roles checked for now.  

  • Because Eduphoria’s software is hosted in the cloud with AWS, we are able to deploy updates and fixes during the day and night without any interruption to the user experience.

  • Onsite servers* will receive Strive Tuesday evening for access Wednesday morning. 

  •  There is so much more to come!  We are polishing and finishing up several features that will be released gradually, including Evaluation Process, SLOs and deeper integration with professional development. Stay tuned.

*Onsite servers will be limited to updates every few weeks with a collective group of features and fixes per release.