Eddy’s News

Making Room

You may have noticed over the past few years that Eduphoria has moved away from periodic big application updates. Applying a "deliver when the feature is ready" model has worked well. It's worked so well we're applying it to some super powerful Aware projects we have in the works! Over the next several months you will begin to see regular continual enhancements to Aware. Some of these changes include teacher team features (including team tests), improved test program management (including mass management), assessment analytics, and easier data exporting/importing.

To make room for these enhancements, we need to adjust where some features are located. The "Manage" tab is being removed and the functionality it provided is being moved to a series of domain-specific tabs. Aware now will have dedicated "Assessment" and "Forms" tabs. Other "Manage" buttons have been moved to the "Analyze", "Item Bank", and "Students" tabs. With the move we are widening all of the tabs. You'll notice lists are far easier to read and navigate now.

These changes provide the s-p-a-c-e we need to add these new features. Expect to see the interface changes the week of July 27. We'll be releasing more information over the next two weeks to prep all of our districts and provide more details of the upcoming improvements.

Join the webinar on July 15 to learn more!