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Is This Going To Be On the Test?

As many of you know by now, TEA has announced the decisions for 2015 Texas state accountability (with the 2015 Accountability Manual yet to come). Especially big in the announcement was the news that STAAR grades 3-8 math and all of the new STAAR Accommodated and STAAR Alternate 2 will be excluded from 2015 ratings.

What does this mean for Texas Eduphoria! customers?

You will still receive data files from Pearson with all of your results, just as you do every year. These files can be uploaded into Aware as usual.

The STAAR grades 3-8 Math results will initially not show up with performance standards. Users will be able to see raw scores, percent scores, and Reporting Category data. If TEA releases TEKS/SE information for these assessments, this will also be made available.

The STAAR grade 3-8 performance standards, including all of the phase in Level II standards, will be provided to districts in updated data files (via Pearson) around September. These files will update the results in Aware when uploaded.

To our knowledge, TEA will not be releasing the grades 3-8 STAAR Math tests with the rest of the 2015 tests. This means that item level data will be limited to correct/incorrect for these results.

Eduphoria! will be creating a 2015 Accountability Report, just as we have for previous years. This report will include Index data and data tables modeled after the official reports that TEA provides. Our plan is to have this report ready by the time STAAR EOC results arrive in districts. Our Report is unofficial and is meant to be used for end of the year discussions and summer planning.

Be on the lookout for upcoming webinars where we will discuss some of the new data fields available in 2015 and how to use them in Aware.