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Introducing Strive!

We are so very excited to be in the final stages of the release of Strive, the newest addition to the Eduphoria suite. Strive has been designed from the ground up to provide the one-stop interface for all parts of the professional growth cycle.

Strive will replace the current Appraise and Workshop applications. At a minimum, Strive meets compliance needs for evaluation and professional development.  There are checkboxes that need checking, and Strive allows them to be checked.

In the hierarchy of needs, however, compliance is on the bottom.  We all want to operate at higher levels but must ensure that compliance is met in order to do so.  Too often, systems are marketed with bells and whistles, maybe pretty pie charts and graphs, but stop short after serving up basic compliance functionality.  We are guilty of this as well.   In the past, apps like PDAS and Appraise have offered our users secure, easy-to-use forms for evaluations and convenient management options for logistics.  However, these apps were designed and centered on compliance.

Professionals don’t want to work at the compliance level. Our districts are some of the best educators in the world.  That’s not irresponsible pandering; we’ve seen it.  We’ve seen the clever things that districts do with our software (or sometimes “around” our software when they run into limitations) to operate at higher levels of practice.

Strive is not designed for compliance operating.  It is designed for processes and workflows.  Compliance is met along the way.

At the heart of the philosophy behind Strive is growth.  It is through goals that professionals participate in continuous improvement, an ongoing process of learning and doing revolving around student achievement and success.

Learning and doing...

We use present participles because the continuous aspect of a continuous improvement process means we are always participating in it.  We are always striving to learn the next bit of content to beef up our knowledge base and always striving to do the next step to apply what we have learned towards planning and implementation.

Strive is the place where educators go to plan and collaborate on their professional learning.  More specifically, they plan the learning and doing actions they will need to complete for their professional and student growth goals.

As the first half of 2017 progresses, we will be using this blog to continually provide visibility into the upcoming functionality and ongoing development of Strive.  You’ll meet the team putting it together and gain valuable insights into some of our thoughts and discussions as we bring you a great new system for your professional planning and growth.