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Deprecation Announcement

Eduphoria! has taken some massive steps forward with the announcement of Strive, new product focus, and major new planned features. As we move the suite forward, we felt it was time to review the existing feature set of each application. In that review we felt that some features were never adopted as we liked, or they did not meet our expectations.

We felt it was in everyone's interest to no longer support and remove the following features and functions. Their removal simplifies the code and provides a better overall experience. Most of the changes will happen over the summer to minimize any impact on teachers and district staff.

Deprecated Features

For more details visit this page.

Immediate Removal

    • F&E Projects

    Removal Summer 2015

      • Aware Campus Improvement Plans (CIP)
      • Forethought Teacher Web Pages
      • Forethought Technology Checklist
      • Helpdesk Software Licensing

      Not Supported in Strive**

        • Workshop Shopping Cart
        • Workshop Linked Courses

        **Once Strive is released, the shopping cart will not be available. The linked course option will be replaced with a more robust course and activity creation and management tool.

        Please export, print or save any data you wish to keep from these tools before they are removed. If you have any questions or concerns, please email training@eduphoria.net.