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How COVID-19 is Shining a Spotlight on the Innovation, Collaboration, and Dedication of Today’s Educators

As COVID-19 pushes educators into new territory, we are seeing innovative, creative, and resourceful ways to ensure students are getting the learning they need. The dedication and hard work of today’s educators show how they are true heroes in our communities!

We want to celebrate what educators are doing by shining a spotlight on some of these amazing stories. Have a spotlight story or resource you’d like to share? We want to hear from you!

Spotlight: San Angelo ISD

Laura Howard at San Angelo ISD knows that their number one challenge, just like many other school districts, is students without internet access at home. Even though ISPs are offering free internet to millions around the nation, San Angelo took an extra step to make sure their students had access to their learning and to their teachers.

The district drove their WiFi-equipped school buses and strategically parked them throughout the district. Parents can now drive students to these locations to submit assignments. The district also surveyed their secondary schools to assess who needs devices and then collected all the available Chromebooks. Parents can go through the “drive-thru” to pick up a much-needed Chromebook for their child.

Lastly, the district developed a resourceful website for remote learning, including instructions on using Zoom and Google Classroom, for parents, teachers, and students.

Spotlight: Bryan ISD

The Bryan school board got a head start on delivering at-home instruction to students. They held an emergency meeting on March 18 to ensure the superintendent had approval to purchase thousands of bags to send a “technology package” home with students who need it. The bag includes Chromebooks that have been cleaned, filtered, and checked for maintenance, chargers, and a handout to help families learn how to use the devices. To determine which students could get a Chromebook, the district posted a home internet access survey on their COVID-19 page. If parents and students need help, the Help desk staff provides remote troubleshooting between 8am and 4pm.

As an added bonus, Suddenlink and Altice USA are offering broadband internet for free for 60 days to households with a school-age or college student within the Bryan school district boundaries.

Want to learn more about what Bryan ISD is doing? Visit www.bryanisd.org/covid19.

Spotlight: Birdville ISD and Killeen ISD

COVID-19 has challenged school districts everywhere to move to online, remote learning. And leaders, teachers, and parents have met this challenge together in amazing ways to ensure students have what they need to continue their learning. But the challenge doesn't stop there. Districts have also kept a spotlight on the mental health of their students.

Birdville ISD has a dedicated Mental Health and Counseling Resources page, complete with a virtual counselor directory, a Wellness Wednesday Video, and more. Killeen ISD also has a dedicated section on their website that offers counseling services, CCRM support, and a virtual counselor. Together these two districts offer effective examples of how to proactively ensure students mental health isn't forgotten during this time.