IT/Network Specialist

Job Description: IT/Network Specialist

The primary role of an IT/Network Specialist is to maintain all aspects of the company's computer infrastructure. This includes maintaining networks, servers, security programs, and systems. IT/Network Specialists handle the upgrade and installation of new hardware and software, perform troubleshooting to address any problems with computer systems, and assess viruses and potential threats to a company’s network. IT/Network Specialists might also monitor the use of email, create and change passwords, make suggestions for improvements to computer systems, backup data and perform data recovery if needed. IT/Network Specialist reports to the Director of Infrastructure.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities include:

  • Deploy, maintain and help manage all aspects of IT within the company
  • Troubleshoot systems and problem solve across platform and application domains
  • Ensure critical system security through the use of best in class cloud security solutions
  • Evaluate new technology options and vendor products
  • Supports corporate software, including Active Directory, G Suite, Office 365, Github, Zendesk, and other systems
  • Supports corporate hardware including computers, switches, routers, access points, conferencing equipment, and other company hardware
  • Provide end-user workstation support for approximately 50 users in a mixed Windows/OSX environment
  • Perform network monitoring and maintenance, including updates and service patches
  • Enforce the company's information security procedures and other compliance procedures
  • Follow all department standards and methodologies

Required Skills/Experience:

  • Previous experience in IT/Cloud Infrastructure
  • Some basic experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS): EC2, VPC, RDS
  • Basic understanding of cloud, data centers, WANs, routing, virtualization and server technologies
  • Experience administering Windows Server 2012/2016 as well as Windows 10 on a workstation
  • Experience administering Apple OSX/MacOS in a corporate environment
  • Experience with Microsoft Windows technologies including IIS, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, etc
  • Experience deploying Windows to various hardware
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to discuss technical topics
  • Ability to adapt and implement new systems
  • Strong ability to manage your own time
  • Solutions orientated mindset to reduce workload and repetitive tasks