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Strive FAQs

Strive is alive! This is extremely exciting and we are confident you will be impressed with our newest application! We understand that new products can bring many questions about the transition, but there is no need to worry; Eduphoria has your back! To help ease your mind, please review the below list of Frequently Asked Questions about Strive.

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Coaching Conversation

A few years back I had the opportunity to work for a term as an instructional coach at a Scottish boarding school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. One of the campus initiatives that year was to have every teacher develop personalized professional learning plans.

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Learning and Doing

We want Strive to be a safe place for real professional growth, where goal-setting can be honest and include meaningful self-evaluation.

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Introducing Strive!

We are so very excited to be in the final stages of the release of Strive, the newest addition to the Eduphoria suite. Strive has been designed from the ground up to provide the one-stop interface for all parts of the professional growth cycle.

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Eddy Gives Back - Food Drive

Our Eduphoria family decided to band together with Minnie’s Food Pantry to help in our own backyard. We not only received donations from our employees, but other businesses in our office building stepped up as well, and the result was quite impressive.

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Eddy Gives Back

This Holiday Season, Eduphoria employees in the Plano and Austin offices worked together to give back to our community.

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Eddy's Spotlight

Check out our 2nd edition of Eddy's Spotlight! Learn about Paige, another fantastic addition to Eduphoria's training team.

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Making Room

We're making some amazing improvements to Aware. Read more about those here!

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Deprecation Announcement

Eduphoria! has taken some massive steps forward with the announcement of Strive, new product focus, and major new planned features. As we move the suite forward, we felt it was time to review the existing feature set of each application.

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